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Made for drivers by drivers.

Wherever destination you're driving, we're there. From daily driving to work to the long road trip. From morning meetings to dinner with family.

We’ll bring a constant reminder and comfort to your drive: odour free, steering wheel that stays cool even in the hottest of weather and superior oil resistance from greasy hands.

Every hour of design and engineering that goes into each Sparkz Customs steering wheel covers we make— it’s all for one thing: to provide a constant reminder for your drive with improved driving comfort.

That’s how we design each steering wheel covers—always exclusive, always better than anything else we’ve ever used, and never mass-produced.

Founded in early 2018, in Singapore a team of husband and wife with backgrounds in fashion and product design ventured out to make a steering wheel cover that are unique, reliable and able to withstand the test of daily driving.

Not just a steering wheel cover but, a piece that serves as an essential companion to your safe drive.

World's First Kufic Steering Wheel Cover by Sparkz Customs

It's no secret that being drivers ourselves, we realised that steering wheel covers that are available do not last long, too common, slippery and just simply not reliable. 

From taxi drivers to car drivers we meet every challenge to put the product to test. Responses were encouraging.

After countless of failed attempts and prototype, we found the perfect formula to the best steering wheel cover ever created, right here in Singapore.  

We pioneered the world's first Kufic script on a steering wheel cover and if you are reading this, you're among the special few who discovered about us first. 

Each steering wheel comes with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Kufic script which has many benefits to the person who says it. As an essence to the Quran, it serves as a constant safe companion to your daily activities.

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Our products are genuinely made in Singapore and each piece is cut from scratch and sewn to ensure that the quality of each products is not compromised.

Our passion for quality means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality of products and service.

Don't you deserve the best? We believe you do and it will be a piece you'll be proud to own and have in your car.

Portion of sales proceeds will be donated to Nur Insan a non-profit Free Madrasah 

Nur Insan was aimed to help less fortunate families with Islamic knowledge through free education. More on the 'Charity we support here'.


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