Sparkz Customs About Us Feature Photo

Made for drivers by drivers.

At Sparkz Customs, we make the world’s best customisable steering wheel covers - stylish, durable, water resistant, heat retardant, cruelty free - shipped directly to your door.

Wherever destination you're driving, we're there. From daily driving to work to the long road trip. From morning meetings to the dinner with family.

We want your steering wheel to be odour free, steering wheel that stays cool even in the hottest of weather and no nonsense cleaning maintenance while protecting your steering wheel.

Every hour of design and engineering that goes into each Sparkz Customs steering wheel covers we make— it’s all for one thing: to protect your steering wheel with our proprietary tech and improved driving comfort.

That’s how we design each steering wheel covers—always exclusive, always better than anything else we’ve ever used, and never mass-produced.

As drivers we always wanted a steering wheel cover that doesn't smell, durable, easy to clean and most importantly unique. From personal experience, our steering wheel got worn day by day and it was super annoying to touch a scalding hot steering wheel under the sun.

With background in fashion design and engineering we decided to create something that we needed

Above picture is our pattern making during our fashion design days

It took us countless of hours of failures and we finally did it.

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