About Us - Sparkz Customs Intro



Sparkz Customs is an Singaporean owned and operated business, manufacturing hard-wearing custom steering wheel covers fitted to your vehicle like a second skin.


As founders of our unique Proprietary Sparkz Customs™ material and construction we have spent that time continuously improving the materials we now use to make our custom steering wheel covers.  


Our product comes with strength and durability so you can work them hard which means you'll save a LOT less money on expensive steering wheel replacement over time. By using our custom steering wheel covers, you are ensured that your original steering wheel remain in pristine condition and are protected from wear, tear, spills, dirt, dust, food, odour, scratches and heat.


Our local knowledge and understanding of the tropical and harsh Singapore climate means that our custom steering wheel covers are designed and built tough to withstand the most unforgiving of conditions - all to keep you comfortable for your ride and protecting your steering wheel.


Imagine this, in your hands, is a piece of custom steering wheel specifically hand-made to your own custom text that simply feels like a second skin.


Handmade Exclusively in Singapore. For drivers by drivers.

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