Installation Guide

Short 1 minute video explainer

Before you Put On Your Awesome Steering Wheel Cover...

Wipe off your your steering wheel from any existing oils, stains, residue or any interior/dashboard polish with clean cloth and a mild soap.  

Ensure that your steering wheel is wiped dry before proceeding to the next step.

Doing the above step is important as it will prevent any future slippage cause by existing oils or polish on your steering wheel.

Feeling bit tight to fit to your vehicle? 

Turn off your engine so the steering doesn't move. At times it just might need a little bit of strength due to the elasticity of the cover.

Start from the centre and work your way starting from either left or right. Don't rush the process and settle on one side first before moving onto the other.

Upon reaching the bottom you can proper it up accordingly.

That's it!

A brief photo demo installation

Sparkz Customs Steering Wheel Installation Guide Photos
  1. Orientate and begin to fit the steering wheel from the center
  2. Start to fit from one side in this photo no. 2. I start from the left
  3. Once done with the left side, continue to proceed with the right
  4. Proper up the balance and installation is complete!


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